Specializing in United States Stamps


  • Mint U.S. Full Sheets
  • Mint U.S. Modern Singles 1920-Date
  • Comprehensive Plate Number Coils
  • Precancel Gap Strips - Deep Stock
  • Errors, Freaks, and Oddities
  • Test Stamps and Test Mail
  • Revenues - Back of the Book
  • Duck Stamps - Federal, State, and Junior
  • State Hunting and Fishing Stamps
  • State Revenue Tax Stamps
  • ​Special Tax Stamps
  • Postal History 

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Imagine - John Lennon 

Oct 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980   

Discount Postage

"Discount postage" is a term used to describe fully gummed or self-adhesive mint United States stamps that are ready to be used on your outgoing mail, sold at a discount below face value.    Using stamps on your mail not only gets your mail noticed - but it also will save you money!   Give your letters the attention they deserve by using stamps!    


** PLEASE NOTE:  Due to unprecedented demand for discount postage we ask that you 

please contact us to confirm availability before placing an order.