We now offer a PNC New Issue Service.   Simply stated, we offer you all Plate Number Coil new stamp issues, on a standing order basis.  All material is in mint, first quality, post-office-fresh condition and centering are F-VF or better. Our new issue service is perfect if you want one or more strips of each new plate number, in the format you collect, for each new issue as they are released.  We also supply back number positions, longer strips, no number pairs, etc.  

We strive to provide all new plate numbers as they are located.  In the case of a difficult to find numbers, varieties, or errors, my new issue customers get first chance to purchase, prior to offering it to the general public. 

Start your PNC New Issue Service with a $25 deposit.    All we ask is that you tell us exactly what you want, using the secure online contact form and that you pay promptly (within 10 days) when receiving a shipment.   Naturally, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed or return the stamps and owe nothing.   
What could be fairer? 

On receipt of your application, we will begin at once to acquire the material you have ordered.  We have a comprehensive inventory of PNCs, so older issues are also available.  We ship via USPS First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation at no charge to our new issue customers.   We normally ship when a reasonable amount of material has been accumulated for you, quarterly, or as needed.

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Discount Postage

"Discount postage" is a term used to describe fully gummed or self-adhesive mint United States stamps that are ready to be used on your outgoing mail, sold at a discount below face value.    Using our stamps on your mail not only gets your mail noticed - but it also will save you, your company, or organization money.  This is perfect for real estate agents, bulk mailers, offices, advertisers, or anyone who wants to get their mail noticed and opened.   Give your letters the attention they deserve by using unique stamps!       

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